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With a deep, authoritative voice that resonates with expression, Derrick Dorsey provides professional quality voice-over services for television, radio, & more. Hailing from the Baltimore/ Washington D.C. metro area, Derrick has leveraged his years of on-stage performance skills as a musician into a career in voice-over. Derrick is a professional that is reliable and listens to your needs. Be it a commercial, promo, or a narration project, Derrickā€™s versatility can meet those expectations.

Ever since childhood, Dorsey has been fascinated by comics, animation, & voice over. Originally a student of animation, Derrick eventually decided that voice- over was where he was meant to be. Coming from a production background, not only is he extremely familiar with audio and visual equipment, Derrick Dorsey can complete post-production if needed by clients. Never complacent, Derrick continually works on his craft and is interested in further developing his repertoire to include characters through acting and improv classes.

His extensive experience on stage as a bassist, on camera and in the recording studio spanning decades, Derrick has the knowledge and expertise to deliver whatever the project requires. Contact Derrick today to get a voice over services quote, arrange an audition or share the details of your project.

Derrick Dorsey

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